Winter Crafts~Come Art with Me

Hello! Here are some of our activities for the first few weeks of the year. The kiddos made an awesome winter mural using washable paint. We painted 3 different scenes…large mountains, small mountains and the sky. We also painted houses and trees to add to our mountains. The kids had lots of fun making this mural.


This past week the kiddos made snow-globes using plastic sheeting and oil pastels. The kids were given 3 different snow globe templates and three different snowmen templates. They then traced their snow-globe and snowman of choice, on their plastic sheeting. They colored them in using oil pastels and then we laminated them to keep the oil pastels from smearing. They were then cut out and they are lovely!!

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Come Art with Me-Last few weeks…

Hi all!! Christmas got me like……EeeeeeKKKKkkkkkk!! I am so behind in posting activities from our classes!! I will post a couple of activities from the past few weeks. In November we made awesome leaf collages using tissue paper, glue, chalk pastels,  leaf cut outs and copies of leafs!! The kids practiced layering them until they found their perfect collage. After they glued everything down they took their collage to the circulation desk and had a photocopy made. The individual photos made a beautiful big collage.

Leaf Collage!

Last week we started our Christmas Stars. We used brown and white paper lunch bags. Each child was given 7 bags to decorate. The bottom was cut off and the front, back and sides were decorated. They were then cut to a point and then using double sided tape they were taped together. Then pull the two ends together and tape. Punch a hole and add ribbon. They turned out fantastic!!!

Christmas Stars!!

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Come Art with Me ~ Mexican Folk Art Shrines

This week at Come Art with Me, we made Mexican folk art shrines!!!

I’m sad to say that our Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations are coming to an end. I love all the vibrant colors of Mexican folk art! The kiddos were shown photos of some Mexican shrines and given blank boxes and loads of supplies to make their boxes. They started by painting their boxes and then they picked an image to use in their shrines.

We then used glitter, puff paint, sequins and gems to decorate our boxes. The kiddos did a fantastic job!!

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Come Art with Me~Aztec Quilts

Buenos Diaz! For this weeks Come Art with Me class, we focused on Aztec quilt and fabric patterns. It is, after all, Hispanic Heritage month.

Aztec Quilt Patterns

The kiddos were given a large piece of heavy paper and were told to make long thick lines of colors. We used our brightest paint possible so the quilts would pop!! After they finished these, we then used examples of Aztec design to make our own designs with in our color lines. The kiddos did awesome!!

They then added yarn on the ends for our fringe, we used tacky glue to make sure the yarn would hold. The results are beautiful.


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Come Art with Me~Mono-prints and Clay

Hello!! This week the kiddos made mono-prints and also started on clay weavers. We started with the mono-prints first. The Kids used foam plates covered in tin foil as their canvas. We covered them with paint, then used Q-tips to draw on our designs. The kids then pressed them down on construction paper to make our prints!!

They turned out awesome!!

After we were done with printmaking we started on next weeks project. The kids were given a ball of clay to roll out and shape to make weavers out of them. A hole was cut in the middle and holes made for weaving, when dry they will be awesome!!

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See you there!!


Come Art with Me ~ Collage Puzzle Pieces

Hi! This week during Come Art with Me….we concentrated on collage! The kiddos were given blank puzzle pieces and a huge choice of collage images. I also sat out glitter and all sorts of goodies for decorative purposes. Lots of gluing and cutting had to be done. The results are fantastic!! See for yourself:


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Come Art with Me~Talk like a Pirate Day


September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day! To celebrate we has a very special guest, Capt. Jim Sparrow (Jack Sparrow’s older, plumper, and much better looking older brother) visit us. Capt. Sparrow shared with us the many facts and fictions about pirates and he recruited many mateys for his next voyage.


After Capt. Sparrow was finished, we started on some awesome pirate themed crafts! The kiddos made pirate ships in bottles using plastic sheeting for shrinky dinks and templates. We traced the bottle of choice and ship of choice on our plastic sheeting and then colored them with oil pastels. When finished we cut them out and then ran them through a lamination machine.

They turned out beautifully!! Remember to join us on Tuesdays at 3:30 for Come Art with Me! Registration Required. See you then!

~CBH 🙂

Come Art with Me ~ International Dot Day

Yay!!! We are back in the swing of things here at our little library! Programming has started, and Tuesday was the start to our “Come Art with Me” class! Since International Dot Day is coming up on September 15th, we focused on making our dots!


The kiddos were given a round cake board with holes punched in the sides, 16 holes to be exact. They then proceeded to paint the boards bright colors of their choice. Black or white paint was then applied in a thick coat and then we used forks to add texture our boards. We used hand held craft heat tools to dry our boards. The kiddos then picked out their yarn to use in our string art on their boards. I taught them how to make radiating lines with the yarn, but most wanted to do their own thing….and they turned out beautiful!!


See!?!? Our dots turned out fantastic!! Join us next Tuesday for our “Come Art with Me” class, remember registration is required, visit our website for more information.

How are you making your dots??

-CBH 🙂




ART is Coming Soon!!!

Join us starting September for messy fun!


I’m so excited to start our new programming!! September is the start of our new program called “Come Art with Me”, a collaborative book based art class for ALL school aged children! So, if you’re in grades K-12th grade…stop in and see how you can contribute to our art projects.  Class will be on Tuesdays at 3:30, starting September 5th!

-Ms. Crystal 🙂